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Unexpected Transition

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Several months ago, my life changed unexpectedly. After several years at a job I loved, I was told the company was restructuring and I would not be a part of the new structure. I was surprised, angry and totally confused. God had blessed the business with record months of growth, we had survived COVID and 2020's crazy business limitations and yet, the powers that be wanted to go a different direction. I felt like the coach that got fired after winning the Super Bowl. How could I be let go when I had done nothing wrong and the business was growing? Why would God throw me such a curveball?

Well, after years of preaching flexibility to my children and friends, I was faced with living it. Would I trust God's plan and have faith in Him through this transition? Of course I would, but, staying joyful through the process - now that's another story! Some mornings I woke up feeling so uncertain about the future, that I refused to even think about it. For weeks, I struggled with the anger and frustration of losing a job I loved and thought I was pretty good at. But after a couple weeks of self-indulgence, I began to grow a renewed sense of purpose. I had been through a few transitions in life and God would get me through this one too.

I applied for a few jobs, passed the word around and waited. But...nothing. I've always prided myself on being able to do a variety of jobs and having lots of experience in several fields, figured I would quickly find suitable employment. But...nothing. The past decades of job experience and networking were not yielding any promising leads. But, the past decades of casually investing in the lives of young people brought to light my passion for helping those in transitional periods of life. I began to think of what I would tell me if I were coaching myself.

So, after prayer and discussion, my life coaching career was moved from the abstract to reality. I am my first real "client." And after a certification process that was not only educational, but inspiring and affirming, I am so excited to launch into this venture professionally. As one of my unofficial clients said to me the other day, "I feel like this has been a long time coming." Me too. This transition is far from over and there is much to learn. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to see what God has in store!

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